NoLay – Marching

Women in rap always have faced more adversity than their male counterparts, despite the successes thus far, there still continues to be more of an obstacle, and it’s no different within the UK. The positive is that there is more of an acceptance and avenue, with the likes of the young Ms Banks, Little Simz and Stefflon Don (to name a few) really cementing their sounds, not to mention, a woman who defied the odds and stuck to her guns, now enjoying the fruits, Lady Leshurr. However, especially in this country, someone who paved the way for them, opening up the male mind to accept and understand, is Queen NoLay.

She had the fire flow, lyrics were up to par, and she was not to take any bullshit from anyone either. Unfortunately like so many, she was not given a fair shot, but a fighter, she was not going to give up, and so after many trials and tribulations, and even more so, a potential life-threatening car accident, not only is she recovered and well, but back to do what she does best.

Marching may not be the Unorthadox Daughter rapid flow, filled with aggression, but it’s still sharp, and rather than looking at it as ‘dumbing down’, you have to take it as growth, as a) many of us know what she’s capable of, and b) she makes it look too easy. This is a cool lil’ cut, that will obviously resonate better with a girl, and inspire too, but with this new style the reality is, you can catch the witty lines easier, rather than her flaming the production, this is more light-hearted (in comparison to Dancing With The Devil, touching on domestic abuse) but to the point, and she’s brimming with that very essence of confidence that made us all take notice in the first place.

Much love to one of our Queens of this, as she continues to put the work in and let her music do the talking.


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