Lady Leshurr – #UNLESHED 3 (Humble Freestyle)

The leading female rapper’s coronation clearly continues, as she flips Kendrick’s leading single for the third instalment in her #Unleshed series.

I’m always full of praise for the Birmingham rapper, because she did what many couldn’t, and without conforming. At one point she was overlooked for a variety of reasons, nobody considered her a front runner amongst the women, let alone in general, and while so many of her competition faded away or gave up, she kept going. There was a large period where she was only the female rapper putting music out, and not to knock anyone else’s strife, but in reality she outworked the guys, and connected with an audience that paid her attention whilst so many of us did not. Now enjoying the fruits of that labour, she has only gone on to work even harder as she looks to continue the success, and so she flips the K.Dot single with her own style, full of that wit and charm with which she has captivated millions, she boasts more, with that evident confidence and rightfully so, as she basically levels with Kendrick with tricky flows of her own. She gets a little personal too towards the end, amongst the jokes, she shares more of her feelings, giving more insight into what to possibly expect from the upcoming (highly anticipated) EP.

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