Zayn – Let Me

Since his solo revival, Zayn’s superstar status means his development and experimental phase has been under a bigger spotlight than most, with his debut album Mind Of Mine proving his ability further. I enjoyed the album, it’s singles were well crafted, even down to the interludes where he explored more folk variety. The Pakistani influence was merged effortlessly with his natural soul style, evident with the extended riff at the end of his monster single Dusk Till Dawn. While media focuses on the irrelevant topics, he had shown more growth as a person and therefore artist, with the PartyNextDoor featured Still Got Time, but more so the Insta clips, where you could see him jamming and harmonising. With one of the strongest fanbases, it’s fair to say there was a lot of demand for his next efforts, and after some wait, he returns with his new single, Let Me..

Surpassing over 20 million views in a matter of days, he can do no wrong, and as one of the few artists with such musical freedom, it’s pleasing to see him take advantage of that and release music that he himself believes in. You can hear the personal touches, much like the previous album, rather than him being directed completely, (and as fine tuned as the song may be) you get a raw and authentic sounding record.

Regardless of any personal connection or inspiration, the falsetto-strong track is introduced in perfect timing, with it’s lyrical bearing to the month of it’s release, “Long walks on the beach in April..”, to it’s aesthetic and general feel, if the season of Spring could be heard, it might sound like this. Depending on whether he drops another single in the coming months, Let Me will certainly be many people’s soundtrack leading up to..and through the summer.

Those around me know I’ve been referring to Zayn as my little brother for a while now, and while that means I’m supportive, it’s also the fact that I believe in him so highly and therefore want to be critical, because he has the potential to be one of the greats, and as he’s on the right path musically, it has to be said that he is showing promise in the acting world also, (following up the SIA feature) with this cinematic experience, in this well constructed visual (courtesy of Narcos producer Jose Padilha), as he defeats the mob boss (played by Scarface’s Steven Bauer) in true suave hero fashion, from the exchange down to the action sequence. It’s an entertaining watch, and with it to be continued, we look forward to see what comes in the next chapter.


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