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Arielle – Man At Home

I came across the young songstress through her previous cut All For You, and as stated in the review, saw a lot of potential, so to see her release a track produced by Carns Hill, it was intriguing to say the least. Carns has been leading the underground for some time with production for Youngs Teflon and more recently 67, so it was not clear what direction this track would take.

Initially, the production is fairly straightforward, you could hear Drill rap over it, and so it is testament to firstly Carns Hill for having a somewhat versatile production style, but also Arielle, as the beauty is able to sing over it. If All For You set the bar, then Man At Home does not quite reach near, even with the similar melody, it falls short. I want to think that it’s the mix or to not take it as seriously, but I believe in Arielle, she has a good vocal, style and is beautiful, her personality does transcend these songs and that’s a plus point too. In defence, there are moments within the record that prove her natural ability in all aspects, and if we take it for the raw gem that it can be appreciated for then it’s fine, but it just does not feel as emphatic nor game-changing as the previous single, though opinions may change upon hearing it situated within her forthcoming (yet to be titled) EP.

Not to discourage, as it is not easy to create, especially with little assistance, in recording the process, let alone marketing. As far as subjects and theme, she definitely has a lot to offer, with a relatable factor, and so I await to hear what’s next from the young talent.

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Introducing: Arielle

No lie, I just came across her on LinkedIn, and something told me to search for the music, and here I am now, writing this.

The scene has been doing well of late, it’s looking healthier for our rappers, we even have a strong run of representatives for the women too. Unfortunately, whilst it’s allowing the veterans or the underrated to reemerge, it’s still quiet for the soul side, with it strangely being tougher (at times) for our R&B acts to breakthrough.

If we’re talking potential, then we might just have a woman break that barrier, as Arielle steps forward with that new wave. Her tone is unique, her style is current, blended with that sexy ol’ skool vibe, she’s able to deliver something refreshing. Introducing, Arielle:

There is definitely room for growth, but that just makes this an even more exciting prospect. The visuals may not entirely justify the track, but you get to see her beauty and presence, whilst I enjoy seeing a group of strong women doing their own thing, in comparison to the average objectified video-girl. Having heard some of her earlier material, the potential was evident with All For You standing out. There is a lot of versatility for her vocals, not just R&B, and we certainly have few producers who could really help take her artistry further. Definitely keeping an ear out for more of this wave, with her next visuals for Sauce on the way.

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