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Saskilla – JD Bag

Following the release of his Godson 1.5 EP, and embarking on a political campaign, the self-proclaimed Grimeminister releases the visuals for the standout, JD Bag.

“I was really out here with a big dream, spittin’ from heart from 15..”

Remaining true to British culture, Saskilla pays tribute to the JD bag. For those that don’t know, the drawstring bag is provided upon purchasing from any JD sports chain stores, the bag went onto become of multipurpose use, whether for your P.E. equipment back in school, a gym bag, or whatever other use you may find for it. It’s popularity went on to encourage the likes of Nike to release drawstring bags within the UK.

Staying on similar nostalgia, Sas reiterates the mindset, emphasising the British heritage, whilst running riot with reason over the beat. Having been in the game for well over ten years, he has had his fair share of ups and downs, and takes the opportunity to reassure listeners to remain positive..

“Man say that they got you..but ain’t got themselves (Don’t take it personal), man give you advice..that’s bad for your health (Don’t take it personal), man lie to your face..scheme on your wealth..(Don’t take it personal)”

The song is almost like a coming of age, as he lyrically states the change of times, highlighting how far the scene has come, with lines like, “20 years ago..I was checking out Ma$e, present day..I’m checking out Dave”. 

For those that have been following the MC, you will no doubt see the positive attitude with which he carries himself, and that has been the case from his arrival in the scene, and so he continues with the aim to inspire, putting his energy to good use, despite the negativity that like so many of us, we continue to overcome. JD Bag is Saskilla in his classic essence but with new levels of maturity and growth, as he continues to pursue further, taking Grime along with him.

“Came in the game with a pure heart…any idea I would share, then I got ripped off..rubbed out, now I’m more grown and aware”

With the visuals equally capturing the tone and feel of the record, from the ground up, courtesy of directing duo of Ruby Seresin & BoyaDee, they’re able to visually interpret the record, with a variety of angles and scenes that help showcase not only the JD bag but also our culture around it.

Keep an ear out for more, as he readies another project in between teaching Jeremy Corbyn how to throw the W up.

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