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Lowkey – Ghosts of Grenfell ft. Mai Khalil

“Did they die or us?”

With the tragic events that took place, the Grenfell tower in a blaze, innocents families trapped, helpless, the powers that be have yet to really take blame or accept any fault, let alone help or show remorse. Understandably that the inquest continues, and though policies and procedures are in effect, it’s still something that often has us questioning humanity. A sad day as public attempted to help, but none the less, there have been reports of coverups and false information being put out through the media, with the death toll considered far greater than the numbers initially released.

Rapper and activist, Lowkey is no stranger to speaking up, especially using his ability and platform to raise awareness and help make a difference, happened to live opposite, and not only witnessed, but lost acquaintances to the horrific incident. While he continues to assist in putting the pressure and bringing some form of justice, he pours his soul out with this lyrical tribute..

In no ways attempting to capitalise or profit from the situation, the heartfelt song’s visuals do not feature him, but rather the community emphasising the emphatic words. One of the positives (if we can even see it as such) was seeing the community of various ethnicities and religions bonding together, and the visuals here help portray that. Though it contains a verse and a chorus over instrumentation, this really is another step in raising awareness and demanding justice, for the souls lost. With the gripping ending as you hear the community call for the whereabouts of the people, including children who have had their futures snatched away, for what?!

It is a statement of a record, and highlights the questions that need to be answered. Endless respect for Lowkey, blessings and prayers for the fallen, featuring the angelic vocals of Mai Khalil, the track really captures the every essence of what has been endured by the community and the pain of the friends and families, whilst serving as an honourable mention for the true selfless heroes.

“The blood is on your hands, there’ll be ashes on your grave, like a phoenix we will rise”

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