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Lowkey – McDonald Trump

As Trumps reign continues to spiral out of control, with the continuous negative nature and a horrific future in sight, the voice of the people, Lowkey, returns to make some sense of it all..

The London wordsmith has been scarce from music, while he puts the work in on ground level, truly amongst the people, and as the fears of a war continue to emerge with Donald Trump the new puppet for the long running regime, it’s got him back in the booth to lyrically articulate the current state and express the shared disgust at the ongoing inhumane agenda.

Much like Lowkey’s talent and ability, the topic stands out amongst the majority of music out today, and not only is this balance needed, it’s a reminder as to how important the artist himself is to music and culture. Similar to YG & Nipsey Hussle’s FDT (Fuck Donald Trump), this anti-Trump anthem is catchy and as strong of a song as it is a statement. Lowkey has always been one to not only find the words but bring insight, and helps rip down the curtains and delve into the corrupted system and it’s poisoning operations. The title itself holds weight, and is a great satirical pun on the name and the fast-food politics that is killing our people.

“Exxonmobile are writing this Trump script, The Koch brother are riding this Trump ship. Wall Street…is writing this Trump script, Raytheon and Lockheed are riding this Trump ship. Shut him down.”

The way Lowkey delivers this bridge, reminiscent of Nas’ classic Ether, is incredibly fitting, and always one who’s words you should pay attention to, he further depicts our sentiments with the impactful lines like, “Do another speech to inspire the next militant, may your nightmares be haunted by vexed immigrants, Mother of all bombs..I hope that every death lives with him”. Furthermore he takes it up a notch with his flow on the final verse, to really get his message across of the dystopian future that beckons under the deceitful leadership of “fake news in the flesh” himself, DonaldMcDonald Trump.

As much as I could praise Lowkey or highlight his ability or heart (and much love and respect to the brother for taking the stand), the song speaks for itself, and it’s important that you continues to listen and not only gather more information that you may have been unaware of, but also understand the deeper rooted problem this poses for peace.


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