Lil’ Wayne – Prom Queen

After completely dominating 2008 with the multi-platinum (thats over a million records sold for those that don’t know) selling ‘Carter III‘, the martian himself Lil’ Wayne has now entered a new territory to claim.  ‘Rebirth’ is set to be the first Rock album from Lil’ Wayne (and probably any other rapper). I have only heard the first single and seen the video and do you know what? ..i actually like it! It is something that i expected to be honest, certain appearances and tracks on the Carter III (notibly ‘Playing With Fire’) helped him make the transition, his guest verse on the rock and rap hybrid group Gym Class Heroe’s track ‘Don’t Tell Me It’s Over’ and then the verse on Fall Out Boy’s ‘Tiffany Blews’ have helped him create his own lane in the Rock genre as well now. The first single, ‘Prom Queen‘ (click for video) is a mild blend of genres, the heavy hip-hop sounding bass, strong lead of guitars and the hard hitting drums (i guess that’s the rock), his style of lyrical delivery is very indie inspired during the verses, then switches up as he pours out more soul in the chorus, “She had it all figured out, when she left me with a broken heart, F***ed around and turned me down cos she didn’t think that i could play the part, but now the prom crying, sitting outside my door, she never knew how, how everything could turn around”, pretty emotional but at the same time it feels so good and i reckon it will get the recognition it deserves, even if we do hear Weezy still with the autotune but he makes it good somehow so you can’t hate. The song is almost like taking something good from different genres, mixing them together and voila..Prom Queen! In no way is this move going to slow Wayne down nor be the start of his apparently imminent (according to hip hop fans) downfall, the track to me is less Rock and more Lil’ Wayne, hes singing rather than rapping (that’s not new), hes playing the guitar (already knew he did), he’s on about a girl breaking his heart (he’s done that plenty of times), i guess the drums are louder, but don’t anyone think I’m criticizing the song, because I’m not, I really like it, its catchy, the content is realistic (guy gets heartbroken by girl who later realizes the mistake she made), it’s inspirational even. Lil’ Wayne has another hit to add to the rest out of his previous 6 albums (he’s been in the game since he was 13), however, will the ‘rebirth’ bring him a platinum plaque?..that will be interesting, die hard ‘weezy’ fans will no doubt support, and if Prom Queen is to go by then yes it will, either way, many laughed at the thought that the Carter III would sell over a million and it did in the first week.
It’s Young Moooulaaa Babyyy!!


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