Ozzie B – About Time

As One third of Lethal Bizzle’s More Fire Crew, Ozzie B always stood out, whether it was the breakthrough ‘Oi‘ or the mainstream phenomenon ‘Pow‘. 2009 sees Ozzie B mark his return in permanent ink with ‘About Time‘. Production provided by ‘Grimey’, the beat consist of a heavy bass as the foundation for the epic sounding strings to comfortably lay on, the kick adds pace into the track, added with minor synths with a major effect. Ozzie B does the beat justice as he flows smoothly whilst maintaining the grit and rawness backed by his lyrical content. A street-anthem, ‘About Time‘ is definitely underrated but has all the potential to give Ozzie B the recognition and applaud he deserves within the scene as an artist.
The video is just as grimey and innovative as the song, it really emphasizes the track and helps provide Ozzie B with a new platform to display his charisma as one of the realest artists in the industry …”It’s About Time!!”

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