Musiq Soulchild – SoBeautiful

One of the most gifted artists of our time, Musiq Soulchild is back with the third single from his fifth album ‘OnMyRadio’, the track ‘SoBeautiful’ reminds me of earlier Musiq material such as ‘Aimewitue’ and ‘You Be Alright’, which were considered classics from his debut album ‘Aijuswanaseing’. SoBeautiful has Soulchild raising the falsetto to let his lady know just how much he feels for her,
“Girl don’t You know your so beautiful
I wanna give all my love to you girl
Not just tonight but the rest of your life
I wanna be always here by your side”
that chorus says it all, it is simple in terms of word play, which lately I feel is the best approach for real meaningful soul songs, they appeal to such a wide range of people, many can relate and the song feels so much more honest in comparison to the generated R&B tracks we hear today. The simplicity of the song is furthermore boosted with the production itself, I use the word simple in regards to the heavy-synths and complicated drum pattern combinations that we’re exposed to with most tracks, SoBeautiful offers easy listening with its melody driven tempo, the piano intro starts it off and then the drum kicks in to emphasise Musiq Soulchild’s voice as he starts,
Your my baby
My lover, my lady
All night you make me
Want you it drives me crazy
I feel like you
Were made just for me babe
Tell me if you
Feel the same way”
the snare added and all in all it fits perfectly as Musiq’s voice carries the song to the chorus where more instruments are introduced, these instruments are introduced again, leading towards to the end the song, where it becomes far more emphatic and really delivers the feeling across to the listener, ‘SoBeautiful’ is one of many classic Neo-Soul tracks to come from Musiq Soulchild who never disappoints his audience and I recommend this song to anyone that likes real music.

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