Fr3e – Tribal Skank

So the ‘skank’ craze is taking over the country and making a splash in the commercial waves, I recently heard about the ‘Facebook skank’ (I still think it’s a joke), however after the success of KIG family’s Head Shoulderz Kneez & Toez, which is still increasing in popularity, along comes Fr3e with ‘Tribal Skank’, after recently watching the video, the song to me is more than just a song, it has the potential to further break the barriers that urban music finds it self being restricted with.

The video is extremely clever, it highlights the notion of how urban music can ‘attract’ you regardless of your background, the guy in the beginning is hilarious and the ‘tribal’ characters show their appreciation as they all begin to ‘skank’ together, this is a reflection of reality, many negative stereotypes have been created and continue to be placed among genres and unfortunately ‘races’ as well, this video manages to disperse such ideas in an entertaining way.

The character of the mother shows that some people are anti to the change, they just will not accept something however much the rest of the people conform to it.

In the video, where you see so many more people coming to join in, this scene shows the acceptance as well as the reality of this song and trend even, the video takes the song away from a selective audience and offers it to everyone and anyone that feels it.

I’ve always believed that videos play a huge part in the success of a single, sound can only be emphasised with vision and that is why you will see many tracks will not be as successful with an average video and vice versa, you can see an average song with a good video really generate interest. It is not about how expensive the video is, if the video portrays the song well, it will no doubt be positively effective.

For those that want to learn:

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