Bashy – Millionaire

After the success of ‘Ransom‘, Bashy continues to push forward as one of the countries premier artists, this time with the release of ‘Millionaire’.

Bashy is certainly working hard and the results are proof, the track itself possesses a party vibe, it is a good effort, the best thing is that it sounds so versatile, it has the grime feel to it as well as sounding good enough for commercial, Millionaire is definitely going to be a big track for Bashy, I’ll be surprised if I do not hear it on commercial radio.

The video contrasts the song well, it is humorous, fast and colourful, enjoyable to say the least, the dance performance towards the middle of the video is really good, I did not know Bashy had moves like that, so i applaud the choreography.

Overall, Millionaire is an anthem, one to reach if not surpass similar heights as Bashy’s previous release ‘Black Boys’. Millionaire has me wishing Bashy all the success he strives for as it is much deserved and I’m looking forward for to the release of his album ‘Catch Me If You Can’ (available 1st June).

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