British Graffiti artist ‘Banksy’


Above is an example of Banksy’s work, a Graffiti artist from England, as OneFáris continues to grow, I am able to let you into more of my world, before music I drew, from scribbles to sketches, I could draw before I could speak. Like music, Art is a form of expression, the same way I write, it is somebody transending their passion and emotion through a varying form for others to view, understand, listen and enjoy.

As I recently went to New York, this piece really captures more than one thinks, but without looking so deep into it, it is pure genius, I love the expression on the Rat’s face whilst clutching the pencil, along with the image of a mouse that the rat has supposedly drawn. Banksy’s work is very symbolic, with Graffiti artists considered to be ruining the city, when rather they love their city (hence the ‘I heart NY T-shirt) and see the walls as canvas for expression of themselves.

Here are some more of Banksy’s work:


This piece a far more serious subject but a truthful one none the less, the manner in which the ‘white collar’ rat is leaving with his case full of money, “Let Them Eat Crack” as he looks back, the detail on the rat is amazing, Banksy can really give them character with his details, just compare the two rats and see how different the extracted feelings are.


“sometimes even a still image can be moving” – Fáris

This is what I mean, an image of the symbol of Peace, a white dove with the olive branch, Banksy manages to use the dove wearing a bulletproof vest as a metaphor of peace under attack, the gun scope aiming at the dove, it’s heart almost, it is art work such as this, that highlights the troubles in the world today, this piece is Banksy’s expression, he may not be able to go and stop it but he can definitely highlight it in a creative form.

Look out for more, not just from Bansky but from OneFáris’ world of Art.

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One thought on “British Graffiti artist ‘Banksy’

  1. aadhi says:

    he is gooooood

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