Skills C – Rippin’ Thru Tha Page

With a new wave of artists flowing through into the scene, it was not going to be long until we see someone with barrier-breaking potential, so I’m pleased to present: Skills C

this talented emcee is only 17 years old, so you can only wonder how far his potential can take him. It has become rare to find an artist (especially at this age) that actually lives what he raps, with many emcees fabricating their life to a beat or do not possess the lyrical ability to illustrate what they live.

Using the beat from ‘Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall In Love’, Skills C rides the wave of the melody, staying parrallel to the beat, there are small errors but they will dissapear with with experience, plus those errors are over-shadowed by the glipses of greatness as the Hayes representative confidently delivers his witty rhymes.

As a whole the track itself Rippin’ Thru Tha Page is a good cut, the level of expectation should always be low with mixtape trackseither way you can’t help but to be amazed by the talent of Skills C


7 thoughts on “Skills C – Rippin’ Thru Tha Page

  1. Jaz says:

    strictly the hardest track. skills’s lyrics are real and sound too hard.

  2. Priii says:

    sanj, lovin the track, proper feelin the lyrics.

  3. melissa says:

    Skills C!.. You was right i did like the track like i do with all of them.. serious never new you bee this talented since ive known u from when i first new u dude! Much Lovee xx

  4. McFerris says:

    This young generation Emcee ambitions to music are a clear indication to a successful start in the music industry.

    Listening closely to his lyrics, he clearly expresses his self, and relates his lyrics to his current life, which is good to hear in all types of Emcee music.

    The flow to the tune is good due to the fact this young Emcee is keeping on beat persistently as well as spitting in a smooth rhythm.

    Even though I found a few minors errors, such as his flow could be tightened in the opening verse, but human nature is you learn from your mistakes and progress on them so I am sure this emcee will do exceedingly well in the future.

    • faris says:

      Exactly, I agree with you, there is always room for improvement, at 17 he shows plenty promise and potential, his style, persona and character are all original, he represents a lot of us despite his young age, he is one for future definitely.

  5. KesH says:

    All technical and stylistic talk aside, after working with Skills C on this track, it isn’t hard to see that this is his passion and its what he loves doing, and he showed that through and through in the studio. He had the whole track in mind from the start and told me exactly how he wanted the hook to sound, so not only is he a talented lyricist, he’s a talented musician who hears the track in his head WAAY before he even lays his first bar on the track, which in this day and age is hard 2 find in young artists. He’s professional but never arrogant, always willing to learn and at the same time contribute his ideas. All in all it was a great session and Skills C has definately got a place on my album… if he’ll have me that is =P

    Keep doin what u doin bro…I’ll see u at the top! 😉

  6. Jags says:

    shout out to skills c doing your thing, big track and big up kesh for showing love and jumping on da track u dun no boop boop all love babye holla back peaceeeee

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