Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce to you.. KAY YOUNG


There has been much hype surrounding South London’s Kay Young for a while now, the young producer/singer/songwriter/emcee (and damn good at each one as well) has been steadily rising higher, a diverse sound and style has lead her to bounce in and out of genres, reaching out to a varying audience. She came to my attention via a collaboration with UK emcee Wretch 32 (one of, if not the best in Europe), she can be heard on a ‘DJ Saved My Life‘, an out of this world dance anthem created by DJ Crispin & Last Japan and is featured in Fader Magazine, it truely is just a matter of time before her talent pushes her to the forefront of UK music.

Here is an exclusive snippet of ‘Heartbeat’:

Taken from her forthcoming p45 EP (due at the end of this year), this track caught my attention for so many reasons, concept, content and quality, Heartbeat really embraces the emotion, Kay Young so perfectly captures the thought and the raw feeling that many people will be able to relate to. Females have a strong voice in the form of Kay Young, a young woman who can stand up against most males in terms of style, ability and determination, she is not to be catorgorized nor placed in a box, an artist of her mind and talent deserves to be free to create as all her music is an offering of quality and originality that a true music lover will appreciate and enjoy.

You can hear more of Kay Young as her ‘Third Party Mixtape’ is available for FREE download.

Click on the image for FREE download

Click on the image for FREE download

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