Drake – Fear

Young Money’s White Knight, Drake, releases his critically acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone, Fear is the new bonus track available on this re-release.

Produced by DJ Khalil, this will be a critics favourite, by far a ‘special’ track, as it is the most recent we’ve heard of Drizzy since his previous mixtapes and guest features, personally I feel this song will keep his buzz consistent as fans and critics wait for the anticipated debut album ‘Thank Me Later‘.

Drake shines best when he lets his emotions out on the mic, highlighting that although his life is on an up, he still has downs, he makes his music easy to relate to for anybody listening, lines like, “I never cried when ‘Pac died, but I will when Hov’ does”, display his comfortability on record, his confidence is sky high and I do not expect any different, who wouldn’t with a hype and fanbase like his, funniest thing is that he has not even released an album yet.

Not much needs to be said about Fear, it speaks for itself.

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Click Image to visit Drake's Official Myspace

Click Image to visit Drake's Official Myspace

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