Devlin – Community Outcast

The voice of England is back, while most artists are out to make money and speak on lavish matieralistic content, Devlin has always remained true to his surroundings.

If Devlin wanted, he could see fame and fortune with one commercial single, he has the talent to do so, however a true artist, a true love for music, Devlin sticks to real content, offering a voice for the people.

Community Outcast is a perfect example, after the success of London City (an ode to a night out), he returns with the realism that many choose to ignore, with the talent to stand up against the best of the best, he uses it for good, his narration of situations is second to none, this is a gripping song, it highlights problems that many face, and he does it so well.

A natural story teller, Devlin steps into the shoes of various people, lyrically portraying their struggle and making complete sense whilst doing so.

This song speaks for itself, with the added visuals courtesy Digital Dan, Digital is more than a friend to me, he is a talented individual who shares the passion of promoting the UK’s original and multi-talented scene through his lens to our screens, he does not receive as much praise as he deserves but all shall come in due course. Together, Dan and Devlin repeat the success of London City with this new and outstanding masterpiece, expect more to come.

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Devlin, the epitome of a Realist

Devlin, the epitome of a Realist

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