Master Shortie – Bringing It Back

UK’s Master Shortie has made quite the step since his first single Rope Chain, as an independant artist, his debut album ADHD has received great responses, his single Dead End is a OneFáris favourite, here is the new single, Bringing It Back:

The single represents Master Shortie and his unique style for its simple feel-good factor, With Master Shortie being a diverse individual it is safe to expect the same from his music, Bringing It Back is no exception. The concept is nice, it is light-hearted and even up-lifting, appealing to a range of audiences, this will no doubt help keep Master Shortie in prominence.

The video is a perfect visual aid for the audio, contrasted well with the retro graphics blended with futuristic detail, although the Back To The Future featured DeLorean would have been more ideal, but it was refreshing to see the famous Knightrider’s Kit vehicle.

Master Shortie is rapidly rising as one of the leading artists within the UK, offering a diverse sound and style capable to transcent smoothly into mainstream recognition, the potential is vast for the young talent so expect more as he continues to make his mark in the music industry.

Click image to visit official site..

Click image to visit official site..

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