Mr Hudson – White Lies

Everyone’s favourite Englishmen returns with a new video for his second single ‘White Lies’.

Written and Co-produced by Music Kidz, White Lies is a real, heartfelt song, a unique concept, beautiful executed as this finished product, it is emphatic and meaningful, a beautiful track to say the least.

From his early work as part of Mr Hudson & The Library, it was always clear that feeling and emotion are heavy inspirations for his work, which he would then transcend into his music, it was witnessed with the release of the successful Supernova and is followed with this alternative effort. A style that can be considered R&B, pop or even indie, Mr Hudson has his own style, noticable with his appearance as well as his music, a mature sound, his take on situations is smart and extremely creative, a genius is in his own right.

The video is like his previous single, a unique visual, this time portraying different roles as both good and evil, the video is very retro and remeniscent of old sci-fi movies however he manages to offer a modern contrast which makes the video very relevant and and an enjoyable visual of vivid emotion and artistry.

Expect more boundary breaking creativity from Mr Hudson.

White Lies ..OUT October 12th

White Lies ..OUT October 12th

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