Scorcher – Paranoid

One of the best things about our scene taking back the power, is the re-emergence of the rightful. For those that may not be aware, Scorcher is in, “your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper” category, one of the veterans who many believed from early was destined for great things with his evident potential. It did feel like at some point that it was because of that very notion, people bitterly didn’t want to see him win. You can’t stop the Winner Flow in motion though, and so after dropping one of the best songs two years ago with No One Else, he followed up his Top Boy stint, with an entertaining performance in the movie The Intent, a project with Splurgeboys, Scorcher now returns with the anthem, Paranoid.

Produced by Donae’o, the track sits somewhere between Grime and Trap, with his signature flavour, fusing it’s choice of sounds and pattern. It’s enough for Scorcher to have some fun and vent that aspect of his armour. I do believe that this is light-work for Scorch, but regardless, that merely highlights his vast ability. The two trailers for this prior, do set it up to be a more cinematic affair, with possible narrative, and that can taint things, however, the quality of this balances that. Appreciative of detail, and this video did capture well with the shots and edit, down to the tones, to really compliment and most of all showcase Scorcher in adequate visual that stands out.

“Fuck my ex..I got new tings, Fuck my next..I got two tings, I’m up again, like fuck a friend…They weren’t ‘ere where I was going through tings..” – Scorcher

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