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Scorcher – Gargoyle

Since the (from Jail) release of (the heavily underrated) Down, Skywalker went quiet (for obvious reasons), but God is good, and back like he never left, he returned with the emphatic Could Be Worse

a typical take from Scorcher, as he reintroduces himself back in the game. Reality is, I never got round to reviewing it because I was actually just enjoying listening to it, and naturally, the streets united in rejoice for his return, out the box and into the booth, “nothing weren’t safe from when I come out”.

There isn’t too much to “review”, just listen and soak up the new energy. Whilst Could Be Worse served as the appetiser, it was not long before the people wanted more, and it was already in the works, as he dropped the new track, Gargoyle

“Top of the roof” music, it’s a slower tempo but more intricate freestyle, as the Dark Knight reasserts himself back in position, watching down at the game. They ain’t see me for a minute, didn’t emcee for a minute..”, only few could take a hiatus and walk right back into the mix, but then few hold his level of credibility and stature in the scene, “I ain’t got a reload lyric, but I got a Reload lyric, you can double up and reload wit’ it”.

What’s genius about the tracks he’s dropped thus far, is the rhetoric. We know the industry has changed, there’s a heap of new acts (many who I’m not even up on), and people will have their doubts and question Scorcher’s place in this climate, and as he further finds his feet amidst the distractions, he has an answer for all, “they think local, scoping the galaxy, meanwhile i’m getting followed by focus and galaxy”. The younger fans and industry people are part of something that Scorcher helped lay the foundations for, and even if they’re unaware, he’s assertive of his own influence, “Dem man are all my kids, these man are all my youts, dem bwoy are all my sons..”, and he ain’t telling no lies.

Not a negative, but I think the impact of Could Be Worse has overshadowed Gargoyle, and I would have preferred a whole EP or project straight after, but it’s always better to test waters and reassess things. To be honest, I’ve just been glad to see him out, participating in football matches and just to know a man is back with his kids. There’s a lot more to come from him, so lock in on the socials, and stay tuned, as he looks to deliver like only one of the greatest talents to emerge out the country can.



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Scorcher – Down

One of the undoubted stars of the British scene, Scorcher seemed set for stardom from the get-go, with the foundations laid, he was one of the early MC’s to garner a large female following, and whilst I’ve previously mentioned the struggles that can bring with the direction of their music, he’s one of the few versatile enough to dominate in both. Maybe because it seemed like he was the chosen one..that peers and audiences developed animosity and might not have championed him as deserved, but in recent times he has still been able to stand tall amidst the negativity, with tracks like (the incredibly underrated) No One Else and Paranoid, plus standout performances in both the TV series Top Boy and (the movie) The Intent. Unfortunately, whilst I thought he was just being himself..not as prominent on Social Media (as he’s definitely not one for all the fake shit), it appears that he is currently in prison. Initially I thought (and was hoping) he was just filming for the sequel of The Intent, but it appears that he really is currently serving time (the reasons are unknown and really none of our business), but while the Universe finds ways to align you on your true path, don’t for once think his abilities as a top tier artist are under question, as he not only gives us a freestyle, but a whole track with (the 2Pac inspired) Down:

One of the realest people in the industry, or at least one of the realest I’ve met in this game, that honesty has always transcended through his music, from early as his classic My Diary. Though he’s certified with the street shit, he’s one of the best with the introspective raps, and Down is just that. Something for the fans whilst they wait, but it definitely shines light on situations, “I’m at my best when I’m at my worst”. Ever the fighter, the wordsmith is able to poetically inspire even at the toughest of times, one of his qualities and reasons for his loyal fanbase.

Whilst it’s great to get some new music from the talent, I’d rather he was free, and hold faith that this is just a step-back that will help propel him further to where someone of his talents and nature deserves.


Click image to listen on Spotify






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Scorcher – Paranoid

One of the best things about our scene taking back the power, is the re-emergence of the rightful. For those that may not be aware, Scorcher is in, “your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper” category, one of the veterans who many believed from early was destined for great things with his evident potential. It did feel like at some point that it was because of that very notion, people bitterly didn’t want to see him win. You can’t stop the Winner Flow in motion though, and so after dropping one of the best songs two years ago with No One Else, he followed up his Top Boy stint, with an entertaining performance in the movie The Intent, a project with Splurgeboys, Scorcher now returns with the anthem, Paranoid.

Produced by Donae’o, the track sits somewhere between Grime and Trap, with his signature flavour, fusing it’s choice of sounds and pattern. It’s enough for Scorcher to have some fun and vent that aspect of his armour. I do believe that this is light-work for Scorch, but regardless, that merely highlights his vast ability. The two trailers for this prior, do set it up to be a more cinematic affair, with possible narrative, and that can taint things, however, the quality of this balances that. Appreciative of detail, and this video did capture well with the shots and edit, down to the tones, to really compliment and most of all showcase Scorcher in adequate visual that stands out.

“Fuck my ex..I got new tings, Fuck my next..I got two tings, I’m up again, like fuck a friend…They weren’t ‘ere where I was going through tings..” – Scorcher

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Skepta – Bad Boy

Bad Boy is the new single from Boy Better Know’s self proclaimed ‘Microphone Champion’, better known as Skepta.

With this record, Skepta has provided an all-round anthem for a broader range of audiences, it sounds good on radio, sounds great in the club and even through your headphones, Skepta does not use any vocal enhancers, nor makes any major changes to adapt to a commercial sound, instead it is just a well constructed track that feels natural, with Skepta’s distinct style neatly fused into the track, it is no surprise why Bad Boy record has reached way over 200,000 views on youtube.

A lot of people will criticize and expect a more underground sounding Skepta, until those people put their money where their mouth is and actually purchase the records, they should expect this, even then I feel this is a great UK record, as if you cannot help but to sing along, I’ve always been one to deminish stereotypes and this song does that and happens to be catchy whilst doing so, definitely looking forward to more hits from Skepta as he continues this surge of good music.

The video is courtesy of Staplehouse with fellow North London artist Scorcher continuing upon his recent success as a Director, he really has come a long way in such a short space of time and this video fully justifies his credentials, along with the rest of the Staplehouse team, who help create a great visual for a potentially huge track.

Skepta - Bad Boy (available 10th March), the album 'Microphone Champion' ..OUT NOW!!

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Mclean – My Name (Official Video)

Continuing from the success of his debut ‘Broken’, Mclean returns with his second single, ‘My Name’

A staggering 20,000,000 hits have been counted over various network and sharing sites (eg. youtube & myspace) for his debut single ‘Broken’, so obviously there is some expectation on this second offering. Listening to the track, I sense two vibes being forced together, which in this case works, Mclean has more versatility in his voice than he is credited for and it is that element which makes this song work, it becomes a more commercially polished neo-soul record, the production has a distinct UK feel to it, which combined with Mclean’s vocals offers the record a more global feel.

The video, featuring an adaptation of the famous Katherine Zeta-Jones ‘Laser’ scene in the movie Entrapment, the quality like his previous video is outstanding, on a personal level, I felt the song could have deserved a better treatment, however the shots make up for it, Mclean provides a presence on screen as well on record and his mature sound is something that has been recently missing within modern music.

I’m glad that this has been chosen as the second single as it is something different as far as putting out two slow-tempo records in comparison to the conventional dance record with a high profile cross-over feature.

For the more up beat music lovers, here are two official remixes for the new single:

My Name (Remix) ft. Scorcher

My Name (Remix) ft. Boy Better Know

My Name ..OUT 8TH March

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Grime’s Dark Knight, Scorcher returns with the 3rd single, taken from his critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Concrete Jungle’:

Honestly, I have been waiting for this video since I first heard the track and I must say, the wait was totally worth it, directed by Scorcher himself (for his own ‘Staplehouse’ productions) the video offers the perfect visual to the track, the superhero theme adds a new dimension, with its the fine blend of shots and effects, from the choice of camera to the editing, despite keeping it minimal..the overall result is remarkable, not just for an independant artist but a new director and production company, Staplehouse have really risen to the forefront of music videos, raising the standards with the likes of Jak FrSH (for FrSH entertainment) within the UK, most definitely a positive for the scene.

The track, what could be explained as Scorcher’s anthem, is the Movement emcee at his finest, over a compelling beat (it literally sets the scene), produced by DJ Target (Roll Deep), who provides Skywalker with an emphatic composition on which Scorcher rides the rhythm with ease, lyrically on point and his presence on the track is immense which is the reason why this track possesses such an epic feel. As a fan I always have an opinion when comments begin to fly about certain artists ‘selling out’, but then when it leads to tracks such as this being made..I cannot complain of the so called ‘hater-talk’, a classic altogether…this is a reminder for anyone who feels the need to criticize Scorcher as he continues to grow as an artist and as a person.

Concrete Jungle ..OUT NOW!!

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Boy Better Know – Goin’ In

Another monster anthem from the Grime collective:

Goin’ In features Skepta, JME, Frisco & Jammer, so you have four different styles and personalities over a literally crazy instrumental, this was not created with the intention of a musical masterpiece, it was created from a vibe, a vibe that takes over, this may not be played on radio, it might not be played in clubs (although I think it should), however throw it on before you head out to the club and you see how it gets your night started, the infectious guitar strings merge with Skepta’s comical intro which then turns into a vital harmony, each person brings their own charisma to the record, “The Rasta’s ready”, Jammer offers the hype element, Frisco brings solidity and the street feel, JME provides the quirky and witty lyrics, “I’m a big kid, like Benjamin Button”, this all blends with Skepta’s obvious presence to form a unified and versatile party track.

The track itself, as revealed by Skepta (exclusively to GrimeDaily) was created from a vibe in the studio where Skepta was messing about in the booth with the autotune on and Jammer was actually asleep, hence the, “I don’t beleive Jammer’s sleeping…”, I feel that this could be as big..if not bigger than their previous smash ‘Too Many Man’, with already over 50,000 views within a few days, the video (Directed by Scorcher and Staple House) captures the party vibe perfectly, with each feature playing out their role and visually offering the same energy as their vocals, featuring cameos from Badness, 13, Logan Sama and Little Dee, Goin’ In is set to gain Boy Better Know plenty more fans and recognition.

Goin’ In – available for Download on 14th December via iTunes

BBK ..They're "Goin' In"..

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Scorcher – Lipsin Ting ft. Liam Francis

A song that most artists would be too scared to create, let alone shoot a video and release, Lipsin Ting is becoming an anthem (if it has not already).

Produced by Skepta, This track just possesses such a party vibe, people can take it how they want, the beat to me is nice and find the hook catchy, I applaud Scorcher for making such a track, as many artists would turn their heads to the idea. After interviewing Scorcher (interview coming soon) is when I first heard of this track and originally I did not understand what direction Scorcher was going in, he had Dark Knight (classic track), which is one of my favourite songs of his, however, it did not take long for me to one day listen to it and think, “this is kind of good”, so I started listening to it more often, then you find yourself singing it at random times, it just happens to have a carnival-like feeling, sometimes we do not want to hear something too serious, complex or emotional, we just like a good song that you can move to. It also shows the diversity that Scorcher offers as an artist, coming from the Grime scene can at times offer a restriction of creativity (due to the demand of fans), however with Scorcher knowing where he comes from, he can go wherever he pleases as his music always portrays his roots, he stays true to himself and that allows him to effortlessly transcend through genres and styles of production.

Towards the end of this video was a big surprise for me, a clip of the video for Dark Knight, you see the transition, similar to that of Bruce Wayne & Batman, I definitely look forward to the entire video.

Lipsin Ting continues to rise in popularity with already over 100,000 views on youtube, a good look for Scorcher aka Skywalker, whos album Concrete Jungle (released Nov 9th) is a highly anticipated release.

Scorcher - 'Concrete Jungle' ..OUT 9TH NOVEMBER!!

Scorcher - 'Concrete Jungle' ..OUT 9TH NOVEMBER!!

Scorcher – Gangsta

Banned from TV, this one is for the hardecore fans, Grime and Rap fans alike will appreciate this one more.

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Wiley – 5am ft. Scorcher (Produced by Jake Gosling)

This was an early morning anthem for me.


This is my favourite track from Wiley’s mainstream release ‘See Clear Now’.

It is something different from Wiley but different is expected on this album as it is his far more commercial sounding compilation, although this track possesses a mainstream feel with a Grime centre, the core of the song is the presence of both Wiley and Scorcher, Their concept of the ‘hardworking’, whether on the street struggling to make ends meet or working a 9-5 plus overtime is emphasised with their real determination and desires, most evident with Scorcher who despite his talents is yet to be embraced by the mainstream, make this a late release accompanied by a video directed by Scorcher himself (he is now directing as part of his Staple House productions) and this could get a look from the mainstream, some conversation even if not a hug. Although Scorcher’s verse is short for my liking, it is quality, “5am and I can’t sleep, It’s been the same for the past week”, he displays all his qualities as an artist in a verse that took him five minutes to create (without even writing anything down!). Jake Gosling creates an emotion-filled composition, from the sounds chosen for the kick, to the arrangement of the overlapping melodies, combined with the contrasting vocals on the chorus, he creates a classic sounding instrumental on which both emcees do justice. Wiley sounds like a man in power, his belief of his position in the scene is evident in his tone and in the confidence and assurance with which he delivers his verse, his flow is serious which helps get his message across, he captures your attention which provides good variety as Scorcher brings you along to a moment in his life, providing a lyrical image, this keeps the song consistance and prevents it from being repetetive.

5am has a lot of potential, just like producer Jake Gosling who will no doubt receive the accolades he deserves if he continues to create such brilliance, Scorcher’s talents are ever present and it is only a matter of time before he gets his due credit, collaborations such as this will no doubt help, continuing to help the scene progress Wiley at times seems like he can do no wrong, a great track from a great album, especially if you find yourself working/hustling/grinding at 5am.

Wiley - See Clear Now ..OUT NOW!!

Wiley – See Clear Now ..OUT NOW!!

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Wizzy Wow – DR Wizzy Love (mixtape)

The UK’s rising producer Mr Wizzy Wow, releases his latest FREE downloadable mixtape, DR Wizzy Love.

Click cover to download the FREE mixtape

Click cover to download the FREE mixtape

16 Spacey tracks from the Space boy himself, Wizzy Wow demonstrates his production skills, his lyrical and vocal ability with this release. With features from Calibar, J. Flows & Scorcher to name a few, this experimental offering has a few surprises, really diverse and with its own perspective of sound and melody, Wizzy Wow breaks a few barriers with this easy listening musical gift.

OneFáris Favourite: 15. Breaking Down ft. Double S & Patrick Thief

This track is so different to the usual generic heartbreak tracks, up-lifting and emphatic without being over the top, produced by Stickmatick, Wizzy Wow recruits the young phenom Street Sounds aka Double S and newcomer Patrick Thief for this one. The strongest point of this track is the chorus as well as the expected Double S delivery, you can feel the emotion, you can understand the frustration. Overall, as with most of the tracks on this mixtape, there is potential for them to be big releases, such as It’s Over ft. Scorcher, Breaking Down reminds me of an old Neptunes production, so unique yet fitting nicely, the style is not the same, but a hit is a hit! Breaking Down and Dr Wizzy Love is a sign for the range of diverse music to come out of the UK.

Listen out for more from North London’s Y.Wizz aka Mr Wizzy Wow

Mr Wizzy WOW!!

Mr Wizzy WOW!!

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