“Tell ’em I’m back, and proactive, I need no practice, I know I can hack this..” – Klashnekoff

Before I start, just want to say I’m saddened to hear of Klash’s loss, and rest in peace to his mother. My prayers go out to you.

One of the leading pioneer figures, he emerged vividly painting pictures of the realer, more grittier parts of the country, captivating those that could relate and those fascinated by the authenticity. Honest and uncensored, Many have likened him to Nas, and he is most certainly one of our legendary rappers. Returning with this video, Klashnekoff keeps it sincere as ever, opening up about the loss of his mother, but emphasising more on his strength to continue, and such a common feeling for many, it serves as motivation.

Hand on Heart is exactly what the title says, the production is comfortable territory for Klash to flow, and there’s an eagerness in his voice, as he cements his intentions of his return. The visuals help establish the sentiment, as he looks through old family pictures, and press cuttings, with the added elements of nostalgia transitioning into the present helping portray how far he has come and reinstating his presence today, overall supporting the song.

We have not had a full release from Klashnekoff since 2012 with his Fu*k The Long Talk mixtape, and prior was the underrated Back To The Sagas album (2010), so it is definitely welcomed and I look forward to it.


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