Polyester The Saint – On The Regular ft. Dom Kennedy

The standout track from his acclaimed American Muscle album gets the visual treatment.

Polyester The Saint might just be the West’s most underrated, as talented behind the boards as he is on the mic, the West Coast native has delivered a range of waves over the past couple years, with his music ahead of the curve, it’s understandable that he has yet to make that major transition, but his peers are well aware, as he recruits fellow West Side talent, Dom Kennedy, for On The Regular.

If the album title does not give it away, Polyester has been prominent in introducing another aspect of California to the front, the muscle car, with the showcase and circuit being displayed in prior visuals (and on his social media) such as the heavily underrated Let You Know, and this is no different, with the Chevy beasts on display.

“You be doin’ all that talkin’, but never pop off, If you step..you leavin’ with nothin’, so don’t you run up..”

Don’t sleep on The Saint, with his multiple flows and ability to authentically capture the sound of LA, as he works on the next instalment to this solid effort, with fuck loads to check back on in the mean time (including the trendsetting Grey Filas).

Shout out OPM & HellaGood!

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