Skepta – Hypocrisy

“They tried to disrespect me, when they’re online especially, but everyting cool when they check me, because I’m so cool and deadly..”

The BBK general drops the follow up to No Security, with Hypocrisy. Even though I would argue that Skepta has been the UK’s top artist (at least within the scene) well before he might have even believed, but since his own realisation and the release of (the now classic) Blacklisted, he has not slowed down, to now where he dictates the tempo.

If you could put a soundtrack to speeding off on your haters, then this is it. It’s still Underdog Psychosis in full effect, as he flows from the soul over the self-produced anthem. “Just came back from the Ivors..and look at what we collected, the MBE got rejected, I’m not tryna be accepted”. As much as the Tottenham MC has evolved over the past couple years, he certainly has not changed or lost focus, as he continues to set the trail ablaze.

Although his monumental album Konnichiwa was only released last year, Hypocrisy surges with a new energy, that has me anticipating the next album already.

The visuals, based off the artwork, paying homage to 90’s show Eurotrash, presented by Antoine de Caunes and (Designer) Jean-Paul Gaultier, with the lil’ product placement, which usually might bother me, but as it’s my fragrance of choice, I appreciated the shout out. Directed by Skepta and one of the best directors in the country, Matthew Walker (most of you will be familiar as I have been speaking highly of him for quite some years now), together they create a vibrant visual, with the set and it’s dark contrast, assisting the narrative, the slavery imagery, the flames and the solo shot upon the checkered floor. A great concept and well executed by Matt, from the overall tones, choice of shots and transitions, down to the edit.

“See, I had to realise slowly, that nobody actually knows me, Yeah man..I got 15 different iPhones, but I am so not phoney..”

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