Omarion – Distance

Things have not quite been as great for the former B2K frontman, more so in the response of his music, though he had great success with Post To Be, he does not seem to get the same adoration overall as that songs feature, fellow singer/dancer, Chris Brown for example.

His last album, Sex Playlist, was most definitely underrated, with the majority of the project fitting to it’s title, and catering to a soulful vibe. Forward to his next project, I can only assume he is not getting the deserved coverage on all the platforms that contribute towards an artists’ success these days. Some may say his stint on Love & Hip-Hop did not help, however, I caught it, and he came across in a positive light, other than that, yes..there are no headlines or rumours for his name to circulate, just good music. The previous mentioned Post To Be, sits on YouTube with over 500 million views, it racked up over ten million plays on Spotify, but whilst he has not stopped delivering, the numbers just are not adding to the same level. I’m not saying thats wrong, or that he is not doing good, just that someone of his ability and the quality of music he’s provided, deserves better for sure.

I’ve previously stated that French Montana has the song of the summer with Unforgettable, for me OVO’s Baka has the underground smash, with Live Up To My Name, but in between that, sits Omarion’s Distance

There has been an debate that is not far from the topic culture appropriation, with acts such as Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran receiving more support overall for their caribbean-influenced music, whilst the more authentically derived struggle to connect. Distance might just be that, it has all the same elements, it’s not an unknown artist, and it does provide that same feel-good factor. Aside of that conversation, Distance is catchy as fuck, from the production, down to the melody, “that’s how I like my women, how I like my chicken..”, as much as I love that singing that line, does he like his women fried? seasoned? someone ask Omarion how he likes his chicken? please. Another line that (like the song) is underrated, “I’m tryna put you in a Wraith, so girl don’t get Ghost now”, the Rolls Royce reference would be praised had it been said by your favourite rapper.

The video is dope too, and I have to applaud the effort, from the special effects, outfit changes, the numerous dance moves (him and CB need to have a battle at some point), especially paying homage, with the traditional settings towards the end.

Disappointing further is that whilst many struggle to make one, he follows up Distance with W4D (Word 4 Word), though it might not be as prominent as the previous, it’s further emphasis, as this time he takes to Japan for the well-curated visuals for this mid-tempo groove.

Even more effort goes into the video, with it’s effects and high production value. Ignoring the lack of support he is receiving, it does potentially sound like his forthcoming album Reasons will not disappoint, and for sure fans will gravitate as such. The album itself has faced delays, and to be honest, that might not be a bad thing, as it may have gone overlooked. Highlighting a state of the industry, or ability to identify quality, one thing for certain, Omarion’s talent cannot be denied.

Look out for the new album, his fifth release, Reasons, coming soon.

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