Lil Uzi Vert – Alone Time

With his (I guess) throwaway XO Tour Llif3 ended up taking a life of it’s own, ultimately could have been a lead single for the highly anticipated Luv is Rage 2, the track has since accumulated well over 200 million plays on YouTube alone, it’s about the same on Spotify, no doubt the same on Apple music, so if anything, has propelled him further. Though his label might be ready to go ahead, creatively he might have other ideas, none the less, it has only raised the interest and aforementioned anticipation. Continuing to tease on social media with snippets, we get to hear this potential cut after it’s leak.

Produced by long time collaborator (potentially the one who he developed his signature sound with) Maaly Raw, the two combine for another typically Uzi record, and whilst he’s been working with the likes TM88 (808 Mafia) and possibly Pharrell, it’s sonically pleasing to hear this combination again. Now I’m all for supporting the artist and am anti-leak, however, with the demand for new music from Uzi at an all-time high, I had to listen.

“All these diamonds in my mouth, is why I talk like this..”

It’s not his most introspective track, I won’t be surprised if it’s not on LIR2, but it’s a lil’ vibe to enjoy in the mean time. The bar has been set quite high, but I’m sure Uzi has more fire tucked away in the holster.

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