Wale – Fine Girl ft. Davido & Olamide

Folarin drops the visuals for one of the standouts (out of the many) off his recent album, Shine.

Having dropped videos for Running Back and Fashion Week, this is the next visual we have received after the J Balvin featured, Colombia Heights (Te Llamo), and whilst the video for the latter was more artistic in it’s approach and visual-feel, the video for Fine Girl like the song pays homage to the beautiful African muses it was inspired by.

Whilst many might credit Kendrick of late for putting the spotlight on the black woman, Wale has been praising the beauty of the nubian queens for some time now, even back to his (now) classic, Diary. In fact, most of his visuals, he has been positive with such notion. So it is no surprise, but really it just so happens that he has been able to create a song which embodies African rhythm, and can put together a video to glorify further. I’m not too impressed with the video but who cares when you have such an eclectic level of beauty on display, it does dispel those negative ideologies of Africa and their queens, that have plagued entertainment from well before our time. The song is still just as much of a banger as when it first grew on me throughout the early stages of listening to the album. I think we all are awaiting for something special for My Love (with a lyric video recently released), though it is disappointing, that is has not quite garnered the phenomenal numbers that it deserves.

There seems to be a recurring pattern for black artists and such sounds, as we’ve seen with Omarion, I for now am looking at it as more of a internal label relations issue than outright racism, though that would not be surprising, but again, more reason for me to dedicate my time in raising the awareness for quality music, and Wale is most definitely deserving of such praise.

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