Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect

“For this life I cannot change..”

Since he dropped the song on his soundcloud, it took a life of it’s own, as he embarked on live shows and found the record essentially becoming a major part, despite still promoting Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight, it’s almost gearing up for the highly anticipated Astroworld project.

For the visuals, Travis enlists the super talented Alex and Kyle, better known as BRTHR (also responsible for the Goosebumps video), who are able to maintain the same level of cinematography but with a variety of colours and tones that suit the sound and feel of this monstrous anthem. They are definitely ones to check for out of the emerging set of new directors, with their ability to reverse shots and choice of angles that give the narrative a whole new feel and perceptive. It’s entertaining, like the song, and fitting to the overall themes upon which Travis Scott has based his artistry, with an array of special effects and transitions, with the inclusion of the butterfly theme, creating an artistic visual piece worthy of praise.

The song itself which some had ignorantly labelled as a cut that might not have made his recent album, unknowingly of Travis Scott’s force within not just the music, but culture, as he spearheads a fashion-forward take on the fast-life, continuing to break out of his own shadow and embed his legacy so early in his career.

Musically, we’ve come to expect such groundbreaking audio from La Flame, so it’s refreshing to see a video that compliments and shift the visual-scope as he has done with the music.

Been tuned in since Owl Pharaoh, and definitely looking forward for both his project with Quavo and Astroworld.

May La Flame live forever.

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