Majid Jordan – One I Want ft. PartyNextDoor

Majid Jordan have been considered OVO’s unsung heroes for some time, with their debut EP setting the bar incredibly high, whilst PartyNextDoor has to be credited somewhat for shifting the sound and bringing R&B/Soul back to the forefront. So you can expect quality as two of the most underrated acts link up for this wavy cut..

The midtempo track is a great example in highlighting their ability to create, with their catchy melodies and premium sing-a-long value, the song really has essences of both (as expected), with their vocals contrasting each other, over the hypnotic production. Much like the song, the video is crispy, not so complex, but more of a creative concept, with it’s angles and transitions, as they walk through the corridor, looking for the one they want, down to the fade out towards the end. With such acts, there’s no room for criticism, but rather enjoy the vibes provided and same goes for the video, it’s well created and executed perfectly by director Adrian Martinez, with it’s abstract narrative. I’m a fan of both, and though I am well aware that they can create even more or possibly better, I enjoy this regardless.

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