67 – The Glorious Twelfth

The London collective has been mashing up the scene with their take on the Drill sound, providing a whole new depth to the scene. They have been enjoying fruits of their labour, despite hurdles, with back to back shows, and the release of this album.

This album is a great introduction to anyone who might not be aware of 67, from the first track, it’s consistent to the content they’ve become known for. “I’m rolling up, Amnesia..fold it up”, Rolling up serves as the intro, leading to the popular anthem Waps, over the Carns Hill production, “Step correct with that mac”, there’s no holding back, but before you think this is all there is, we’re blessed with the Splurgeboys produced Saucy, another anthem, and standout track, possessing a different sonic to Waps, shows some variation, with LD resuming chorus duties, “Armed and dangerous, young wild and famous..”. 

Before Tour is what you expected, classic 67, the beat hits hard, their bars hit harder. The album already has essences of what they’re known for, with some variation sprinkled, like with Look How Life’s Changed, it’s a very different sound for them, but they tackle it effortlessly in typical 67 fashion. As they attempt to out greaze each track, you have songs such as #Grubby, which like Before Tour is what I was expecting from the album, and it’s that dominant sound we’ve come to enjoy from the group. Similar to Let’s Lurk, not as impactful, but in similar vein. As much as lyrically it is all pretty much the same, it’s how they switch their flows that makes the difference, with each one having a distinct tone, they’re able to do so much more.

This Side is their sound evolved, the reaffirmed confidence is present in their vocals and as much as they’re at their best with Carns Hill, they’ve proven to be quality when working with Splurgeboys beats, and it’s that variety that shows the growth.

Glorious Twelfth, with it’s dope visuals..

..really does represent the collective and their sound to the fullest. The more you listen to the album, the more you realise that they’re establishing this as their signature style. More reason for songs like Public, as with Before Tour and #Grubby hold the album together, as much as the other tracks might standout, these cuts keep the consistency with the sound and feeling we’ve come to appreciate, and it does not stop, with Guwop, featuring Dimzy on the hook, it’s got a pace to it, and sets up the last track perfectly. The album ends on a high note, with Money Spree, a more lighter feeling record, but 67 to the core, it’s definitely an appetiser for more to come.

Firmly believing that they can create even better, the Glorious Twelfth certainly asserts their status and evolution as they continue to cause mayhem in the game.

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