Jagged Edge – Layover

When we discuss the best R&B groups, the likes of Jodeci, 112 and Jagged Edge are firmly in those discussions. The latter was more recent in ways, and with some of their songs outlasting others, they have managed to maintain a legacy. Though not many knew what had actually happened, in the recent Unsung episode, we got to learn more on JE and their dip, with mostly attributed to one member. The important part is not only the music created, but the people behind it, and although Jermaine Dupri can be attributed to a lot of their success, some of their biggest records were thanks to themselves, so it’s to be understood that as far as creating quality music, they’re more than capable.

Bringing us to Layover, the latest offering from JE. Whilst they might not be as relevant today, it does not take away from the music one bit, as they have crafted a project worthy to sit within their discography. Three years after the release of their Greatest Hits album, the boys return with more. Having listened to it a few times, true Jagged Edge fans will not be disappointed, with tracks like Give In, and Lying, embodying the classic JE sound, it sounds like they took the best tracks they had crafted since and compiled them. The familiar tones of the lead singing twins, it’s all present and sounds very up to date, cuts like You Before Me, can almost take you back to their prime. Now while the album lacks a top ten record, especially in today’s climate, there is a lot of growth and maturity in this album, and I wonder what could be if they linked back with JD.

Overall, if you enjoy R&B, then there for sure are more than enough tracks to satisfy, and just good to see the guys back to doing what they do best.

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