Rival – The Bisc series

Four months ago, up and coming artist and biscuit king Rival announced that he was going to release a new track, every week. I thought it was going to be for a month, and then I would get to reviewing, but low and behold, he has not stopped, and thus far the Bisc series is 23 tracks deep. There is so much to understand about this, first of all, it is no easy task to just record one, let a lone a series, and more so to deliver each week, along side his podcast and other endeavors.

Each track, inspired by a biscuit, initially might seem different, and it sure is, as he is able to intwine his love for biscuits with his music, and no the series is not about his love for each biscuit, but rather themed around it in unique fashion, there really is nothing like it around.

On a mission to deliver 52 tracks within the year, the music is very open and personal, it’s from a real place, and it would hurt me if this went overlooked, especially as the music he is delivering is not shit at all, more importantly, it’s motivational, for the underdogs, as we continue to overcome obstacles in pursuit of our dreams, Rivz has provided the soundtrack each week. There are different themes and sounds throughout, to be honest, there is so much that I cannot break down each track, and there is more to come from one of the hardest working artists out there. The one thing that can be said regardless, is that if you appreciate real life music, then this is for you. Rating the honesty and relating to the desire, applauding the incredible level of consistency, from the music itself, down to the simple but effective artwork, featuring a different biscuit (he definitely deserves a deal with a biscuit company for sure).

Stay tuned to the talented wordsmith, as he will surely be continuing to add to this dope series, with no signs of slowing down any time soon, as he further establishes himself and proves doubters wrong.

“Bare biscuits for ya headtop”

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