Terminator – Behind Barz

One of the most unique on the mic, Terminator returns with this new Behind Barz

“And It’s Tee”

The Tottenham MC is no stranger to controversy, with his distinct style and aggressive content, he has gathered mix responses, but mainly positive from fans and peers alike. As much as people might latch onto the violent content, he has always given a different perspective, there is actually a lot of lessons to be learnt within these bars, and with this take, he definitely emphasises those points, with lines like, “you’re living in the council flat with Balmain attire”, he is really trying to inspire and encourage priorities amongst the youth today. The Edmonton rep and his ‘dark side’ sound is certy in the streets, and where at once it might not have been as applauded, in today’s climate, where artists like Lil B can transcend, it’s perfect for such an artist, and not long after the video dropped, he found himself trending on Twitter, highlighting the interest he commands.

It’s not everyones cup of tea, but for those appreciative of the sound and style, stay locked for more from the North London bad boy.

Also, shout out Link Up, with such a series, allowing artists to showcase further.

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One thought on “Terminator – Behind Barz

  1. […] Up TV have been on a hot streak with the talents lined up in their Behind Barz series, from Terminator, Reeko Squeeze, and now the veteran wordsmith and hustler, Mike […]

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