Mike GLC – Behind Barz

Link Up TV have been on a hot streak with the talents lined up in their Behind Barz series, from Terminator, Reeko Squeeze, and now the veteran wordsmith and hustler, Mike GLC

Most of the younger audiences may have heard his name surrounding the Tulisa drama, but that shit is irrelevant when you realise rapper has actual classics to his name, from ‘Channel U’ days, with tracks like My Life and Make It Home. With that recognisable deep voice with the drawl, he carved his own style, and though of recent he has been more active as an entrepreneur (including his Hit Men Sagas comic), he returns for a fourth edition with a lot to get off his chest. The OG starts it off addressing whoever it applies to, with some real guidance, before an acapella that borderlines into spoken word, with his poetic take on some real experiences based off the street life and eulogies.

There has always been potential for Mike GLC to go further, creating music with authenticity and substance, and so I’m hopeful that there’s more to come.

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