Kojey Radical – After Winter

“Can’t rewrite the past, no way..that’s a long story, saw Roots before I saw Toy Story”

In a lane of his own, Kojey really stands aside from the conventional rap, especially within the UK. He has from the get go brought a deeper sense of poetry and performance to his music. With his strong tone and delivery, he is able to really emphasis the message throughout After Winter, which is equally as disruptive as the visual. Starting off aesthetically peaceful, it erupts into punk-chaos of sorts, with the artistry executed well.

In an upscale London apartment, the further accentuated Kojey and friends (including the beautiful Naomi Kaji), causing mayhem for the supposed tenant, it has poignant and rejoiceful tones all at the same time, a metaphor for the disconnect today. As someone who feels that the truths were kept from us, After Winter really translates this well, and it’s a bold intent from the artist, who finds ways to express such a mindset with relevance and authenticity.

“They know we know they lie”

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