Chase N. Cashe – Hold Weight

Consistent as ever, the New Orleans talent gives us another video, this time for possibly one of his best songs to date, Hold Weight

I say one of is best, as it’s one to really capture his essence, if you follow him on social media, he is a promoter of positivity, a healthy lifestyle and all round motivation, and for most part that does not entirely transition through the music, albeit the content. This one sonically connects, it’s just got such a soft sound but hits hard, and really allows for his lyrical prowess to shine. One of the hardest working guys in the game, the producer/rapper is growing even closer to a defiant sound of his own, “mention cash, and they gotta bring the chase out, I’m with the real so they gotta kick the fake out..”, he effortlessly raps.

The visuals also compliment, with the red tone, life his vision through the lens of his designer frames. It’s simple but effective with the classic 911, less of a stunt and more of a motivational piece, things are certainly looking even brighter for the Crown Bearer.

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