Worms T – Algerie Maroc

France has somewhat established itself with it’s migrants in it’s history, including Senegal, Algeria and Morocco, they have been blessed with stars across music, sports and more. As times progress and truths unravel, not to mention the evident racism within such countries, people tend to relate with their ancestral/parental countries. With many paying homage to their founding nations, French rapper Worms T pays respects with his Moro featured, Algerie Maroc

Though it could be considered more of a regular rap, it shines light on their heritage and overall adds to the picture painted on struggle. There have been disagreements between both sides, so another positive factor is the similarities and unification of the two. Really the track is shining light on Worms T, as he continues to pave his way towards being one of the leading rappers in the game.

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