Tinie Tempah – Holy Moly

I remember predicting his mainstream rise back in 2009, not long after Pass Out was released, and I guess the rest as they say is history, he went on to break all sorts of records and boundaries as a premier artist, despite criticisms, but focused as ever, the London artist continued to prevail and withstand adversity, not only in becoming an elite act, but maintaining the position.

Fast forward to 2017, with the release of his third album, Youth, Tinie established a new narrative for urban music within the UK, silencing critics and removing the smoke and mirrors to reveal the levels of success he has actually achieved, to show the breakthrough and game-changing strides taken. His album boasted some of the biggest singles of the year, the acts and producers worked with have gone onto gain more success, producer Nana Rogues for example, who since has worked with superstar Drake on his More Life project. A portrayal of Tinie’s status can be depicted through the latest video, Holy Moly

A more aggressive tone from the usually laid-back rapper, it has more boastful nuances than usual, but it’s not only motivational, setting him a part from those with negative opinions but it’s also unapologetic, as he unleashes upon the uptempo Shift K3y production, highlighting his success but also the work rate that went in towards obtaining as such. Tinie and his Disturbing London imprint (along side his manager Dumi Oburota) have continued to go from strength to strength, with regular festival residencies, from Ibiza to Dubai, a partnership with Smart car, and not to mention the growing roster, featuring African superstar Wiz Kid.

This video, filmed across Europe, for a track that balances the more clean-cut tracks, compliments the record and helps visualise not only the mindset but Tinie’s artistry which tends to get overlooked by his actual success. For anyone assuming there was a decline or inconsistency, thinking again, as Tinie Tempah’s passion for music, the evident work ethic and undeniable business acumen is only propelling him even further.

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