Dave East – Slow Down ft. Jazzy Amra

New York’s chosen one has been enjoying quiet the ascension, becoming the ladies favourite, he’s beginning to propel to a whole new level of stardom, however, the quality of his music, nor the quantity has suffered, as he drops another lil’ gem to vibe to..

With Slow Down, Dave takes the role of big bro, and shares some insights on the laid back track, pushing the motivational raps, he really steps into his own and is able to give us something relevant with no need to conform or switch things up. Featuring the young Jazzy Amra, who herself does not disappoint in the slightest, if anything, she only bolsters the cut with her catchy hook, and I’m certainly checking for more from the clearly talented singer/songwriter.

While Dave East is still up and coming, it’s as if he can do no wrong, with his Def Jam debut on the way, he has clearly put himself in a great position as he continues to solidify his status as one of the premier lyricists in the game. (Shout out Wayno, as he clearly has his finger on the pulse with these acts).

Paranoia: A True Story, Out 18th August


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