Quiñ – Sticky Situation ft. Syd

The Galacticat returns with a new visual (following the release of I’m Good), for her collaboration with The Internet’s lead Syd. Sticky Situation pairs the two vocalists together as they sing over the wavy Krysshun production.

It’s a fairly relatable record, with a theme that is common to some extent, but they really make it so much more than that. Many are familiar with Syd’s beautiful vocals, captivating us as part of The Internet, whilst Quiñ is steadily rising as one of the most distinct talents around, with her soulful tone, both provide a sensual take, on this wavy production, courtesy of the dream girl’s longtime collaborator. There is not much required to be said in all honesty, as the two songstresses with voices as beautiful as their auras unite for an upbeat, feel-good record.

The video, directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, captures Quiñ’s evident beauty (accentuated by outfit choices), with a female love interest, which I liked, and feel odd pointing out as I like it for it’s normality, even if it does happen to be a rare occurrence. With her Dream Girl EP on it’s way, and Galactica still a fan favourite, this will definitely raise more interest, as fans hope for more visuals and sensual vibes for our satisfaction.

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