Phaze What – Neva Dat

Consistency might have been an issue for his fans prior, but never again it seems, as the rapper remains on course with his Thursday releases, entitled Burstdays, this time with Neva Dat..

Though his last release, Stone Cold was taken down for apparent copyright infringement, it did not knock him off, as he only went and dropped an even harder track, and if you’re checking for him on his social media platforms, has stated that there is more to come. The ambient track, produced by Blay Vision, a well crafted piece of production, with it’s choice of sounds layered, creating an almost atmosphere of it’s own, with the tempo allowing Phaze to highlight his intentions, “Me fall off..slack, Neva dat..”.

There’s definitely a new energy surrounding him and it’s only proving beneficial for fans as we’re getting an array of quality sounds, with visuals set to follow. If you’re new to his sound then you definitely want to stay tuned to the pioneering wordsmith and he looks to continue establishing his wave of style and sound.

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One thought on “Phaze What – Neva Dat

  1. […] over time, notable behind the boards, producing vibes for a variety of MC’s (most recently Phaze What – Neva Dat), though he’s proving more than able behind the mic also, and with Skepta broadening the […]

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