Naomi Wild – Lessons (Produced by Bizness Boi)

Some of the best music has been drawn from real life experiences and emotions, and Lessons is no different, introducing the talent not to be overlooked, Naomi Wild..

Lessons, produced by Bizness Boi (one of the best up and coming production talents available), with his musical ear, a versatile understanding of sound and an ability to establish not only an atmosphere but create a musical moment, he provides the beautiful singer the right vibe for her to really accentuate her feelings with this record.

The song itself, inspired by previous relationships, and developing an understanding from the lessons learnt through such experiences, a sense of finding one’s self and reassurance, Naomi tackles it with ease, with the catchy verses further emphasised by her enticing vocal tone. Not to compare, but if you were to categorise then she sits somewhere amongst the Kehlani’s of the game, as a fresh new energy, who is as dope with the pen as she is behind the mic.

Growing in popularity, Lessons has accumulated well over 40,000 plays within a month, proving not appeal and relatable-factor amongst listeners, whilst further justifying her potential as one of the ones to watch out for, as she continues to develop. I definitely would want to hear more collaborations from her and Bizness Boi, as it clearly makes for quality music.

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