PnB Rock – Catch These Vibes

Catch These Vibes is an applicable title, as it really is a compilation of vibes, with some vibes however standouting more than the others..

whilst the first four tracks are cool, it’s the A Boogie featured Lovin’ that really sticks out initially, it certainly is a better representation of PnB and his sound, and he continues that with Issues, his collaboration with Russ. There are influences throughout the project of the likes of the Weeknd and Ty Dolla $ign, it’s much like Tory Lanez in the versatility, and while tracks like Lowkey (ft. Roy Woods & 24hrs) or iRun with Lil Yachty showcase him able to create with others and even have them step their game up, it’s (probably my favourite track) TTM (Talk Too Much) where the “trapstar turnt popstar” truly certifies himself and his talent.

(Produced by NGHTMRE) Yes the production is a big part of the song, but the way PnB Rock is able to dictate the track with his melody and even the concept (outside of his comfort zone), has to be applauded. The track has a lot more potential than it’s seeming to show at present, including the Wiz feature, which Khalifa-man done well with and really helps accentuate the record, I’d be surprised if a decent visual was not in the works, someone from the camp or label has to get behind it, because it has crossover potential. It’s sat right in the middle of the tape, which shows it’s ability to hold the project together. This review was initially going to be of just TTM, but in speaking on the project as a whole, even upon listening, the same sentiments stand.

Another standout, is the Smokepurpp featured X3, a different sound again, but PnB will definitely a have a good live show with these variations of sounds vibes. VOICEMEMOWAV.4 might have one of the best names of a track in recent, and it’s one of the better tracks, it’s rawness works and offers a completely different but catchy element, and contrasts well for Pressure, the more open, “I gotta stay strong through it all, and act like I ain’t going through it all”, and introspective cut, it might the more relatable, as PnB delivers more substance, creating a track that blends the realism of the struggle with the glimpses of success. Tracks like Confide which features the legendary Juicy J serve as more examples of his ability to not only pen a catchy song but the delivery which you cannot help but sing along to. It’s incredibly rare for an artist to have such diverse standouts, but it goes in his favour, as he closes out with Rewind, the more R&B of the tracks, with odes to Usher, a somewhat thug love song, but it really works and helps define PnB’s lane. I was not checking for him as much prior to this, so it has most definitely worked, and as he continues to define himself..he is for sure one to watch, but I’d still be disappointed if they don’t capitalise on the hits they currently possess (TTM!).


Have to commend the cover, it’s a favourite, reminiscent of Pac’s classic Strictly album, and it expresses the project well, with the choice of colours, use of tone and most all abstract interpretation, much like the music.

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