ShaqyDread – Ready Up Steady Up

The versatile North London act kicks 2018 off with this new effort, Ready Up Steady Up

When people complain that the track isn’t long enough, that’s really a compliment, and that’s been said about this, as Shaqy delivers his raw vocals over the uptempo drill production, by Freebase & Walkz. There’s vulnerability in his tone, and it fits, with the heartfelt nature, as he sings, “Had to kick the door in, they didn’t want to let me in, they got sister in the can, I’m with my bruddas in the streets..”, highlighting his struggles as an artist, his sister being locked up (Free up sis!), and his intentions to prevail, and maybe that’s just it, it’s a track that would resonate with many, and just as it builds up, it’s over. His voice has that command, and listeners want to hear more. The positive thing is, he is working constantly, creating new styles and sounds as he looks to hit all angles, so most definitely keep an ear out for the Tottenham talent.

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