Blac Youngsta – Booty

It can be debated that Black Youngsta is more known for his social media antics than his music itself, I personally cannot say I know too many of his records, and from a general perspective, most outlets and platforms have covered everything else with more enthusiasm than his music, so it’s not entirely a personal thing. Saying that, it has brought his name to attention, and while him throwing two million dollars around a hotel room is understandably going to generate attention, the art is what really counts and contributes to the longevity of an artist. Bringing us to his new video, for a track that has generated well over 50million plays across platforms already..

While the track itself is a catchy lil’ number, which will do justice in the strip clubs as much as the regular ones, it has that classic down south feel to it. It might not be song of the year, but it certainly has potential to be a moment, something that will be referenced or looked back at in time to come. It’s been said a lot, that a visual can make or break a record, and that’s very much proven with this one here, because even this review is more so on the video than the song. Black Youngsta has established himself as a character, and through this video successfully transitioned from just a social media hype, as this will undoubtedly bring him to the attention of so many more. Reminiscent of early Ludacris videos with the humorous aspect, the descaled Black Youngsta living large at the strip club only makes him a more likeable figure. He’s having a blast with the dance moves, and if he finds himself becoming a meme then that is just more promotion these days. With over 250,000 views in under a day, it’s already on a good start, and sets up nicely for the release of his new album, 223.

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