Calvin Harris – Nuh Ready Nuh Ready ft. PartyNextDoor

Calvin Harris has had quite the trajectory, since my introduction to him alongside Dizzee Rascal (all those years ago), releasing a well received album last year with Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1, he cemented himself even further, whilst me personally, I was highly disappointed that the project did not feature any British acts (or even Dizzee at least), as I just felt it was the perfect opportunity to merge and make that historical transition. So much that I may have been slightly put off, or I just did not gravitate to the music itself, but as they say, good music always prevails, and so we have his new single (which I have not stopped listening to since it’s release), Nuh Ready Nuh Ready..

It’s no secret, I rate PartyNextDoor highly, and so I was obviously going to check for this, and whilst PND can do no wrong, the production on this is really the standout. It’s one of those productions which make me want to pick at Calvin Harris’ brain as to why certain sounds were used, what were his influences and so forth. Whilst it’s a simplistic approach, the layers of sound and patterns put together are that of genius. It certainly stands out in it’s spotify radio playlist, and in many ways is defiant of any genre or boundary, as it definitely reminds me of a variety of feelings through songs I grew up to. Aside of his own catalogue, PartyNextDoor has been behind some of the biggest songs of the past couple years, and though this sound might be new for his fans, he sounds as in his lane as ever. From the trumpet intro opening the doors for the slithering synth, to hearing him in a patois dialect say, “me and di mandem”, I was sold despite no idea what was coming next, singing along to, “I’m not ready fi all dem tings”, before the effects and beat simultaneously kick in..sonically depicting that euphoric feeling of your favourite night out, to where I had to restart the song as I forgave Calvin, like a friend that let you down but you know they didn’t mean to.

The digital trip of a video compliments the record immensely, much like the audio it has a simple structure, with all it’s transitioning shapes and colours, in it’s retro style (again like the sounds within the production), basically visualising that euphoria I speak of. With the London backdrop and even seeing PND more prominent in something that will be viewed well beyond his own fanbase, it makes for a great video. When making a dance record, you would hope that it makes people move, and Nuh Ready Nuh Ready is most definitely that, a soundtrack for any night out, it’s quite the start to the year with what could well be one of the anthems of the approaching summer.


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