BlocBoy JB – Look Alive ft. Drake

I was initially sceptical to review this, with over 11 million views in under a week, there’s really no denying Drake’s starpower. I was listening to Diplomatic Immunity consistently, before the stars aligned and God’s Plan really connected with me, and whilst that track continues to dominate, it goes to show that only one person can compete with Drake, and that’s himself. I almost feel like the song dropped too early, and though I’m sure Memphis rep BlocBoy couldn’t wait soon enough, with God’s Plan dominating the charts, this is clearly positioned as the new underground anthem.

For anyone that raises the point that Drake makes the song his own with the first verse and hook, not only has it introduced the world to BlocBoy JB but may I remind you of when Drake introduced a lot of people to an Atlanta group known as the Migos in similar fashion, and with hard work and consistency, see for yourself. So it’s a great opportunity for the Memphis rapper, and though Drake’s verse is indeed a standout, you naturally find yourself rapping along to JB’s flow also, and with his evident energy and charisma with the dance moves, it looks promising, so whether he becomes an official OVO member or not, it’ll be intriguing to see what he has next in store, but for now can be sure to enjoy the success as Look Alive won’t be dying down anytime soon.


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