Reese LaFlare – Drip Like That

Atlanta rapper/skater/flexer Reese has been working away, with a slew of (solo and collaborative) projects and found himself on the rise with tracks like Gold House and Just Saying. There’s always those up and coming acts who influence the already established in regards to style and it can be said that Reese is one of those, currently working on his debut album, he drops Drip Like That as a taster of what to expect..

Flowing over the Al B Smoov production, it’s a cool lil’ cut, as he flexes throughout. In regards to his music, I think he’s at a transitional stage, where he’s still developing his sound as it lines up with the appropriate audience. It’s not one dimensional, so you get a range of sounds through his previous efforts, a lot of which others have adopted, and so with the forthcoming album you can expect to get a more assertive representation of him and his style.

The music was at a point overshadowed by supposed tension with Lil Uzi Vert, and maybe people were not paying attention or supporting due to that, but it appears to be a thing of the past as he (fresh off the Nike, Like Mike campaign) looks to further establish himself and his brand.


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