Jordan Kyreem – Speeding

New York has recently been gaining some more traction (though not entirely for the right reasons), and while the negatives may overshadow the music itself, the positive is that there is an abundance of music flowing, bringing us to one of the up and comers, Jordan Kyreem. The young rapper has been experimenting through previous releases (such as Out The Gate), and it appears that he’s getting closer with this new offering, Speeding.

Produced by Dutch talent, UNRTHDX, the ambient sounds with that intense synth occasionally striking through like lightning, provides more than just a base, allowing Jordan to switch between a mellow and hype rap in his verses, plus the melodic chorus, really combines to create an overall good track, with his vocals matching (and enhancing) the feel of the production. Whilst I might be bias with the Akira-inspired artwork, this is my favourite track from him thus far, and I would encourage a project around it, especially as there is clearly a dope chemistry between Unrthdx and himself.



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