Loick Essien – I Told You

Another one of our underrated talents, Loick Essien has been getting closer to his style and sound over the past couple years, with his return in 2015 with Too Grown and Glory, last year he gave more diverse sounds with My Way and the C-Biz featured Zeros. Without any real push, the music has done well, with his videos averaging over 100,000 views, it’s just that case of people not really checking for what’s good but rather what’s hot. Either way, talent cannot be denied, and he returns with a new track, I Told You..

“Feel my history is damaging, old thoughts I been battling..”

Produced by Crumz, an up and coming producer to definitely check for, as he samples fellow vocalist J Warner for the ambience of the track, with the clean cut and slapping beat, laced with a well-placed bassline and additional background sounds that cement the overall production. If that was not enough, Loick himself, who has quite the ear for production, effortlessly surfs over the wavy production, with a flow that (is still singing but) proves he raps better than most of the rappers. Though from his days with the braids, I’ve always highlighted his vocals as one of the best, another reason why I hold him to such high regard is his songwriting abilities, with these new tracks sonically modern, the content itself is heavy in substance. I Told You follows up on the struggle of his career thus far, the mental battles that surfaces within as he continues to carve his lane and place amongst the elite, “Don’t say I never told you so, ‘cos I ain’t had no help when I was sleeping on the floor, I was in the trenches..n**ga you would never know, once I get a hold..I ain’t letting go”.

Loick was one of the victims during the industry’s transitional period, a lot of the artists signed during that point suffered due to changes within the labels, plus a lack of understanding of the landscape itself meant a lot of the artists were forced to be put on hold, the creativity was compromised, while people’s insecurities still thrived off an artist’s potential success. It affected the singers especially, with Loick being at the forefront. Therefore with I Told You, the passion in his delivery is justified as he mentions going through a change of management, the lack of support and the distancing of people around him. All this on top of the issues we all face in life, as he speaks on his brother being incarcerated. The song is clearly therapeutic as he vents, and as a firm believer in a higher power, I feel that these situations help develop character and place us in the right positions, and with no doubt in his talent, the level of music he is crafting proves just as so, as he embarks on this new chapter.

“Now I see it..it’s just jealousy, painting pictures..they remember me, no love for my enemies, they be feedin’ off the energy, old friends are just memories, I’m just tryna leave a legacy..”

For the past three years, Loick Essien has made no mistake with the music, it’s true to self and the quality cannot be argued, if anything, the fact that he has the potential to be a bigger success globally can play a part in why not everyone champions him as much as he deserves. Stay tuned for more, as a project is on the way, and if it’s anything like the material released thus far (and the underrated Terminal 5), it’s for sure set to be one of the best projects out.


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2 thoughts on “Loick Essien – I Told You

  1. Ray Sang says:

    I am excited to see what he does next, he has long been one of my favourite artists

    • OneFáris says:

      Likewise, looking forward to the forthcoming project. One of the country’s finest talents.

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